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A website developed by Doorways, Ltd., that allows reservations on a
first-come, first-served basis.
INSTANT! EASY! EFFICIENT! Any day or night,
even on holidays! It can increase your bookings!


Instant Reservation System has a CALENDAR for each villa and apartment.

OPTIONS can be placed by either an agent or the owner ON LINE!

INSTANT SYSTEM e-mails the owner and the agent:

OPTION for guest name, number of people, dates and agent

OPTIONS END in 7 days.

INSTANT SYSTEM will e-mail owner and agent in 6 days that the option is ending.
It must be confirmed in 24 hours or else.
Instant system cancels the options, changes the calendar, and e-mails the owner and agent that the option is canceled.

OPTIONS can be CONFIRMED within 7 days. Agent confirms the options within 7 days only if they have received payment from guests.

INSTANT SYSTEM e-mails to owner and agent:

CONFIRMATION Guest Name, number of people, dates and agent


Agents are responsible to pay the owner and the owner is responsible to collect payment from agent. If a confirmed booking is not paid, the agent or the owner must inform the administrator who will cancel the week. If an agent does not pay confirmed reservations, they will excluded from the system.



* Owners must agree that all reservations must be made on INSTANT RESERVATION SYSTEM to prevent double bookings.

* Owners can cancel only their own reservations.


* An agent recommended by an owner will be given a password.

* Agents can place a 7-day option or confirmed reservation (if they have payment).

* Agents can cancel only their own options, but not a confirmed reservation.


* The administrator at Doorways can be contacted in case of nonpayment.

* The administrator can correct errors.


To see the system please Click Here!

For a demo please use: bbb for username and bbb for password.